I am a sculptor, painter and sometimes printmaker. Orderly abstraction and post-minimalism are two flags I fly.

I make painted wall reliefs… for the most part. It began with my looking at Egyptian and Assyrian reliefs in the Oriental Institute, and Field Museum of Natural History. I interned one summer at a plaster art reproduction studio. Their master carver sent me to the Field Museum to sketch. I returned and presented. He sent me back… this time to look slower.

I make art because it is the best way I know how to express my thoughts and feelings about the world. Process, research, and discovery are my drivers. Making art expands my perspective on life.

What is my work about? History and economics (social justice). Occasionally I borrow others words as a springboard to build my work upon. Poetry is a favorite go-to source.

Artists whose work inspires mine: Robert Ryman’s focus, Richard Serra’s lighter than-air liths, Rachel Whiteread’s tracings of time and Mark Bradford’s effervescent surfaces. More recently Herman De Vries’ elemental attachments, and Imi Knoebel’s oeuvre of animated geometry have stoked my fire.

Robert Smithson once wrote: “What are the lattices and grids of pure abstraction, if not renderings and representations of a reduced order of nature? Abstraction is a representation of nature devoid of ‘realism’ based on mental or conceptual reduction.” (Fredrick Law Olmsted and the Dialectical Landscape/1973)