Robert Fields, "Imagine" (#1), 2018, 38-3/4 x 66-1/4 Inches (framed), Nylon & polyester cloth on linen. White? A blending of all colors. "Imagine America at its best when our democracy is inclusive and our citizens are engaged." ~Pres. Obama, 11/7/18. Ima
"Imagine" (#1)
Nylon & polyester cloth and thread on linen.
35 x 62 inches (flag), 38-3/4 x 66-1/4 inches (framed).

Some will say... White is a color: It reflects all the colors of the visible light spectrum. Then others are going to say… White is the blending of all colors, and it’s a color too.

What do you see/say here? What if we were to…? Now, try to imagine…