Contemporary art, contemporary sculpture, wood sculpture, abstract, minimalism, geometry, creativity, creative process,  Robert Fields, sculptor, I prefer to follow a mysterious path, Daniel Libeskind, architect, 2017.
"I prefer to follow a mysterious path." -- Daniel Libeskind
Wood (cherry) and metal fasteners.
27-7/8 x 6-3/4 x 1-1/4 inches.

Informed by the Polish-American architect, Daniel Libeskind’s (b. 1946) response to an inquiry on the creative-process: “You know… There are many gurus who tell you to have a goal in your life. I prefer to follow a mysterious path without being derailed. You might not know exactly where this path is going to lead you, but if you stick to it, it can be a fantastic adventure.” Counterpoint: Daniel Libeskind, In Conversation with Paul Goldberger, (New York, The Monacelli Press a div. of Random House, Inc., 2008), p. 11.