If not now, when?  (Call or fold.)
If not now, when? (Call or fold.)
Metal fence/gate, printed-paper on card, fabric ties, poly sheet, plywood and cedar platform, rubber mat, polypropylene grass carpet, rocks and a potted plant.
78 x 48 x 24 Inches.

This work was informed by the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas at an outdoor country music event: Route 91 Harvest Festival. The stats: 58 dead… plus more than 500 injured by gun wounds or getting trampled while trying to escape. On the verso of each of the 58 victim ID tags is the name of one of the NRA’s Top 10 most “gifted” U.S. Senators and Representatives… plus that of President Trump, whose 2016 election the NRA supported to the tune of $30 million… along with snippets of their prayers and thoughts offered in the aftermath of the massacre. WH stonewalling continued: “Now is not the time to talk about gun control. It’s premature...”

Still premature? If not now, then when? Call or fold.