Contemporary, abstract, geometric wood sculpture, wall mounted by Robert Fields, "Lucky for us all. (For Colin), 2017
Lucky for us all. (For Colin)
Graphite on wood (poplar & pine) with metal fasteners.
21 x 16-1/2 x 1-1/2

For Colin Kaepernick… Colin was alone when he courageously confronted perceived inequities in our social justice system. Demonstrating his free speech, he willingly took a position at personal cost. Now, it is a part of the American story. ”Lucky for us all…to have someone as remarkable as Colin.”
Source: Harbaugh, Jim, (2017, May 1-8). Colin Kaepernick: Quarterback with conviction, in The 100 Most Influential People [Special issue]. Time, 189, 16-17, p. 136.