A low-relief, painted wood wall-hung sculpture done in the manner of post-minimalism, geometric abstraction. "Water rights... frozen in time." Robert Fields, 2016, Chicago, IL.
Water rights… frozen in time
acrylic paint on wood panel with metallic fasteners
48-1/8 x 15-3/4 x 2-1/4 Inches.

“The right to water remains an ancient issue frozen in time, and has become a reality of life for the residents in the village of Al-Aqabah, in the West Bank. Israel's water policy in the West Bank has severely affected the ability of villagers to derive natural sources of water. Without a connection to the area’s water system, villagers are forced to buy ($$$) and transport water from neighboring villages. Their water consumption is below the minimum amount recommended by the World Health Organization, to the extent that it is a health hazard. Israeli NGO goes to court demanding village be connected to water supply to stop severe harm to the residents' rights to health, livelihood and dignity.” Outcome TBD.
Source: Association for Civil Rights in Israel,