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Art, sculpture, installation, abstract, minimalist, the maquette, of corrugated board, plastic, wood, and lacquer, with an oriental rug, "Where is there to go?" 2015, by Robert Fields
Where is there to go? (Alternate view)
Corrugated board, plastic balls, wood, lacquer and floor runner.
20 x 18 feet

A proposal for an installation... the maquette. Created with the concept of nations sharing the burden of refugees in mind. A concept re-presented by Peter H. Schuck, in an essay titled: "Refugee Burden-Sharing: A Modest Proposal, Fifteen Years Later," in The Nation State and Immigration: The age of population movement, Eds. Shapira, Stern, Jakobson and Orgad (Chicago:Sussex Academic Press, 2015), 67-116.